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How much could you save by skipping the café and switching to 7-Eleven $1 Coffee?

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Switch & be surprised

Skip the café, try our $1 Coffee and watch the savings add up.

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designer clothes

Nice! You could bag yourself a sweet new wardrobe if you switched to $1 Coffee.


Sweet! You could shout dinner at a swanky new restaurant if you switched to $1 Coffee.


Hell yeah! You could escape on a mini break if you switched to $1 Coffee.

new laptop

Winning! You could kit out your whole living room if you switched to $1 Coffee.

holiday abroad

No way! You could afford a PT for a year if you switched to $1 Coffee.

new fancy watch

Yass! You could go on an around the world trip if you switched to $1 Coffee.

*Lifetime calculation based on 50 years of coffee drinking.

Calculations are based off the extrapolation of daily coffee spend over relevant periods of time.
Savings may differ based on actual consumption.

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